Monday, July 28, 2008

A Personalized Request

Helen Julia New York Soy Candles offers personalized ribbon for the candle of your choice. Our "I Do" candle was transformed to personalize a special wedding event for a special couple renewing their wedding vows. 250 guests attended the lavish ceremony while receiving a "personalized" Helen Julia Soy Candle in their gift bag.



Personalize your event with Helen Julia Soy Candles!

Congratulations to the happy couple... Second time around!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Chocolate Pear-adise Wedding

Who wants Chocolate? I do! Kathleen Smith, Founder of THE CHOCOLATE PEAR weds her knight and shining armor in a beautiful Chocolate and Pear theme ceremony!


Kathleen Smith & Bernard Randolph Jr. weds on February 23, 2008!

Kathleen is a private chef and chocolatier, proprietor of THE CHOCOLATE PEAR COMPANY. She incorporated her skills and creativity in several parts of their big day.

Table capes, menus, chocolate place cards, in shapes of musical instruments in honor of her husband's love of jazz, and individual wedding cakes for each guest are handmade creations from this Chocolatier Diva!

For the ceremony in their home, decorated sparkled chocolate pears dangled from the guest chairs and handmade wedding programs with a string of pearls that displayed their initials were distributed.

Sounds like a Chocolate Pear-adise to me!


The handmade invitations were chocolate-dipped pears and round chocolate invitation, were placed inside a custom-made chocolate suede hat box. The boxes were tied with rhinestone buckles and tuille ribbon, delivered by a courier.

Now this is what I call CREATIVE!

If this isn't enough for you, Kathleen's daughter, Paula, also has her own Chocolate company, PAULA BEAR CHOCOLATES! How adorable! The dynamic duo mother and daughter team are living the chocolate entrepreneur dream!

THE DYNAMIC DUO, Kathleen & Paula!

When I met Kathleen a year ago, I was so inspired to do a Chocolate theme candle and that's when "Chocolate Pear-adise" soy candle was created! The candle is scented with White Chocolate and Pear! Look for this delicious candle on soon!

Don't say I didn't warn you! It's a widely accepted fact that chocolate improves almost anything... This luscious pairing of white chocolate & pear will satisfy that chocolate craving. Create your own "Pear-adise" when burning this elegant candle made for the chocolate lover in you... Sophisticated, beautiful and smells delicious!

Kathleen Smith of THE CHOCOLATE PEAR is available by appointment only, to receive her beautiful unique chocolate creations by phone (314) 277-9330 or email

Helen Julia's Chocolate Pear-adise Soy Candle is currently available by phone (718) 619-2267 or email

Congratulations Mrs. Kathleen and Dr. Bernard Randolph, Jr.! Wishing you happiness, longevity and many beautiful blessings!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Swanky Event Is A Swanky Success

Girls Night Out at Swanky Bubbles was a HUGE success! New customers just gravitated toward Helen Julia Soy Candles! I have a few new fans that made me feel so welcomed.

The venue, Swanky Bubbles, was very intimate and exquisite... Better than I had imagined it to be.

Here are a few pics of me and my "new fans" at the Swanky Bubbles Girls Night Out... Girlfriend Deux event, that took place in Cherry Hill, New Jersey this week:

Here I am setting up shop!

My display... All decked out!

New customers and fans of Helen Julia New York!

Another fan!

These ladies made me feel so welcomed and appreciated! They were so lovely to me!

More customers that just embraced Helen Julia Soy Candles!

If you're ever in the South New Jersey area, you have to put Swanky Bubbles on your "To Do" list! I fully recommend this restaurant if you're in the mood for fun, laughs and amazing atmosphere whether you're getting dinner after work or looking for a place to hangout over a weekend!

I had the best time and plan to be back as a vendor in the near future!

This was an amazing experience and I've met amazing people.

Look for an invitation soon to attend a Dove Chocolate and Soy Candle party! Chocolate Martini's will be served courtesy of DOVE Chocolate At Home company!

I hope to see you soon! Until next time...