Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding Industry Recession Proof?

Based on a very luxury event hosted by 4PM Events aka The Wedding Salon, future brides are lining up to have their dream wedding no matter the economic condition! The event took place at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City where wedding vendors setup shop to showcase their products or services to brides-to-be.

I had the pleasure of attending this successful event while watching registered guests wait on long lines to get into the Victoria's Secret Bridal Suite and depart with large Victoria's Secret gift bags! One of my favorite vendor's who is considered the Leonardo Da Vinci of Cakes, the cake maker for the stars, the cake connoisseur, Sylvia Weinstock, was present distributing some of her fabulous cake samples at The Wedding Salon event! Here is a glimpse of the cake veteran, Sylvia Weinstock's cake creations:

Every inch of Sylvia Weinstock cakes are edible. If your event is small and intimate, mini-wedding cakes is the new thing to receive a beautifully designed cake for each individual guest. Speaking of mini-cakes, the renowned Magnolia Bakery in New York City that is known for their delicious frosted cupcakes, were also "in the suite" giving out samples of their yummy cupcakes. Boy, did I have a major sugar rush from tasting all the cake samples.

How cute would it be to create mini Helen Julia Candle cakes? Well, that shall be the dessert on trays at Helen Julia's official launch party! Date to be announced this Fall!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pinkberry Shortcake

Mmm... Mmm... Good!!! Campbell soup commercials will begin to fade as Pinkberry coupons surface! Springtime is near! YEA!!!

Pinkberry is the place to feel like a kid again with your many toppings to add to your frozen yogurt of choice and youthful theme ambiance.

Once you've had your first Pinkberry yogurt, you will feel like Shirley Temple singing "On the good ship lollipop, it's a sweet trip to a candy shop, where bon-bons play, on the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay..." Pinkberry will bring out the kid in you and you will all of a sudden collect flashback thoughts of Strawberry Shortcake images (the cartoon character and maybe the cake too!) in your head.

Enjoy these coupons while they last... Buy One, Get One! Offer expires on 3/21/09.

Now, I all of a sudden feel inspired to create a Helen Julia sorbet candle collection in pastel colors for spring! You see what Pinkberry can do to your imagination!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'll Spring To That!

Spring is only a few weeks away! I am ready to peel off the layering of sweaters, coats, scarfs and hats! I know you are too! I am ready to see blossoms on the trees, the flowers and the bees! Well, scratch off that last part! I can do without the bees.

Here is a little eye candy to get you motivated about spring in just a few weeks. Helen Julia's floral candle collection is the perfect way to get spring started in your home.

Wedding season is approaching us and our "I Do" candle scented in Rose Bouquet can jump start your spring thinking process; right along with our Prima Donna candle scented in Spring Floral Bouquet. There is even a candle to get into your spring cleaning mood, our Pearl Drop candle scented in Grapefruit Citrus, will have any room smell citrus clean!

(floral images courtesy of brides.com)
I could not leave out our Magnolia Bliss candle scented in Southern Magnolia's! It is such a romantic scent that will leave your room filled with fragrance even while unlit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Live Life Lucky!

The general belief of a four leaf clover represents Hope, Faith, Love and Luck! Hope is something we rely on to comfort ourselves. Faith is believing in something so much, you can feel it come to life. Love is something you give when it is received. Luck is winning $5,000 A Week For Life!

St. Patrick's Day is just a few weeks away. Let's welcome that old Irish Luck in our lives. It is about the law of attraction, right? Helen Julia's Prima Donna Candle scented in a Spring Floral fragrance, will welcome spring into your home. Why wait? Reflect your personal sense of style by bringing your home into full bloom.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Small Space. Luxury Living!

Who says you cannot live luxurious on a budget? Metropolitan Home will prove that theory wrong based on one of their recent home design contest winners for Swankiest Small Space. If you have recently moved into a smaller space because you are tired of your roommate, downsizing from your larger apartment you have come to realize is too expensive or you have a second "getaway" apartment from your significant other for those "I don't feel like sharing the sheets with you tonight" moments, these images will inspire you to continuously live fabulous on a budget!

Interior Designer, Anu Suebsawangkul has really mastered her craft when designing this small space. I was in awe after viewing these images.

(images courtesy of PointClickHome Metropolitan Home)
The only thing missing from this fabulous space is a Helen Julia Candle. You know I had to go there! Any Helen Julia Candle will match perfectly with the black and white décor.