Saturday, January 30, 2010

What you CRAVE!

If you are anything like me, food is always on the brain. However, what I am referring to is NOT a midnight run to White Castle for slider cheeseburgers (yummy, by the way), but a new guide called CRAVE the most unique and stylish guidebook for city living and the ultimate guide to places women CRAVE, including more than 125 women you need to know (including moi)!

(images courtesy of The Crave Company)
Currently, there are fourteen CRAVE guides for different cities and now CRAVE New York City has arrived! CRAVE NYC will launch 2010 and Helen Julia will be amongst these great entrepreneur women to give you what you CRAVE! Here is a peek at a recent interview I did with CRAVE NYC for their CRAVE CRUSH blog.

CRAVE NYC guide is currently searching for more amazing businesswomen you CRAVE in NYC: retail store owners, fashion designers, image consultants, restaurateurs, and more! Click here to contact CRAVE guide if you or someone you know fits the bill!

Want to know what all the buzz is about? Click here to get more information on CRAVE NYC Buzz Party to learn why you will want to get involved with CRAVE, and meet some of the other most creative, interesting and gutsy proprietresses throughout the greater New York area!

Fulfill that CRAVE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Notes

Ladies... We all know when Valentine's Day is (February 14th!) and it's just in three weeks! By now, we've hinted in so many creative ways our desires for that special day! Let's not forget that we are still in a recession so let's be easy on our partners if they cannot come through the way we would like them to. Don't fret, that's when Helen Julia comes in handy! Create your own trail of rose petals with the aroma of our "I Do" candle scented in Rose Bouquet.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up! This is also a celebration of independence for who would rather be unattached. In other words, if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it! We would be happy to indulge in chocolate proudly, our next best friend.

To keep your New Year's Resolution, you can have the chocolate without the calories with Helen Julia's Chocolate Pear-adise candle scented in White Chocolate and Pear! It doesn't get much better than this!

We are currently having a GIVEAWAY, perfect timing for Valentine's Day! You must be a fan of Helen Julia on facebook to participate. Giveaway expires on 1/27/10. Good luck!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Glamorous Life!

As Sheila E. states in her hit song "She wants to lead The Glamorous Life. She don't need a man's touch. She wants to lead The Glamorous Life. Without love, it ain't much." Well in this case VAz is rolling out the fuchsia pink carpet for your glamorous evening!

VAz Feminine, Fabulous, Fun presents... GLAMOUR 2010! The exclusive Ladies Night Out Shopping Event showcasing the trendiest spring fashions, beauty products and home decor! Helen Julia will be a featured vendor at this glamour event. For VAz ticket holders, Helen Julia customers will receive a special discount at the event.

VAz is offering an early bird special if you purchase your tickets in advance. Click here for more information on this exclusive event just for the ladies (Thursday, March 18, 2010). Mark your calendars!

Hope to see you there, glamorous girls!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Feel Good Mondays: New Year, New Day, New You!

We are already working on our third week of the New Year! I hope the new year is off to a great start for you! With a New Year brings cold frigid temperatures during the month of January. That means DRY everything from your hair, skin and lips! Your lips never feel moisturized enough with that cold wind slapping you with cold dry air constantly.

To help you keep your lips moisturized while protecting them with SPF 15 is a great lip balm I was introduced to... Baume De Rose by Terry! And let me just tell you it is "De Baume (The Bomb)". Baume De Rose is a lip treatment that enhances the voluptuousness of the lips and leaves them radiant with the glow of health; in addition to having a delicate rose scent derived from essential rose wax for reparative and nourishment.

For you anal-retentive bacteriophobias (fear of bacteria/germs) who is just appalled by sticking your finger in a jar of goop, you have the option to have this fabulous lip treatment in a tube with wand! There's always something for everybody when it comes to fabulousness!

This is your 100% glamour emergency treatment by Terry!

While on the subject of rose scent, we're just a few weeks away from Valentine's Day! Rose scented lips are a great way to get the mood right. Let's not forget about Helen Julia's "I Do" candle scented in rose bouquet to really kick-off the love in the air!

Happy New Year & Happy Monday!