Monday, January 11, 2010

Feel Good Mondays: New Year, New Day, New You!

We are already working on our third week of the New Year! I hope the new year is off to a great start for you! With a New Year brings cold frigid temperatures during the month of January. That means DRY everything from your hair, skin and lips! Your lips never feel moisturized enough with that cold wind slapping you with cold dry air constantly.

To help you keep your lips moisturized while protecting them with SPF 15 is a great lip balm I was introduced to... Baume De Rose by Terry! And let me just tell you it is "De Baume (The Bomb)". Baume De Rose is a lip treatment that enhances the voluptuousness of the lips and leaves them radiant with the glow of health; in addition to having a delicate rose scent derived from essential rose wax for reparative and nourishment.

For you anal-retentive bacteriophobias (fear of bacteria/germs) who is just appalled by sticking your finger in a jar of goop, you have the option to have this fabulous lip treatment in a tube with wand! There's always something for everybody when it comes to fabulousness!

This is your 100% glamour emergency treatment by Terry!

While on the subject of rose scent, we're just a few weeks away from Valentine's Day! Rose scented lips are a great way to get the mood right. Let's not forget about Helen Julia's "I Do" candle scented in rose bouquet to really kick-off the love in the air!

Happy New Year & Happy Monday!

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