Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Celebrating 5 Years!

Happy Anniversary to Helen Julia New York! We could not be successful without you! As a token of our appreciation we'd like to give our customers a free small candle ($16 value) with your purchase of a large candle (in the same scent)! What's the catch? All you have to do is become a fan of Helen Julia on Facebook! That's it! :-)

(image courtesy of and Confetti Cakes)

Upon checkout of your order, include promotional code FACEBOOK and your free small candle will automatically be included with your order! Become a fan of Helen Julia on Facebook!

Promotion is valid now through 8/21/09

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Are What We Think!

Every now and then I feel the urge to share my thoughts and emotions around the key to success and happiness. More often than not, we find ourselves caught up in the mix of the negativity that surround us daily. With so much happening in today's world, we cannot help but to feel a little lost with the changes and sacrafices some of us are forced to deal with.

It seems elementary, but one of the basic keys to success is right between your ears... Your thoughts! It is true we are our own worst enemy, or at least our thoughts can be. Our thoughts can set us back, keep us in the same place, or cause us to soar to the skies.

Did you ever purchase a certain color car, say red, and then all of a sudden notice all of the red cars? It is because we are attracted to what we are thinking or what we are looking for. So, it makes perfect sense that if we think positive successful thoughts that it will help us obtain them. Positive thinking also motivates us to action. It feeds our desires and keeps us going.

Make a decision to continue positive thoughts throughout your day, and your week and watch the difference in your motivation and your achievements. Happiness and success will find you if you allow it in your direction!