Monday, March 2, 2009

Small Space. Luxury Living!

Who says you cannot live luxurious on a budget? Metropolitan Home will prove that theory wrong based on one of their recent home design contest winners for Swankiest Small Space. If you have recently moved into a smaller space because you are tired of your roommate, downsizing from your larger apartment you have come to realize is too expensive or you have a second "getaway" apartment from your significant other for those "I don't feel like sharing the sheets with you tonight" moments, these images will inspire you to continuously live fabulous on a budget!

Interior Designer, Anu Suebsawangkul has really mastered her craft when designing this small space. I was in awe after viewing these images.

(images courtesy of PointClickHome Metropolitan Home)
The only thing missing from this fabulous space is a Helen Julia Candle. You know I had to go there! Any Helen Julia Candle will match perfectly with the black and white décor.



really is fabulous....makes me look at my space differently.

thanks for posting...keep them coming!

Miami Beach Homes said...

Interesting use of interior design patterns with the squares, looks like a very contemporary yet welcoming residence.