Friday, February 27, 2009

Wish Upon A Grant!

Being a woman definitely has its advantages! Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies!

If you are a woman business owner or are aspiring to be one and you are in need of fast cash, WomensNet offers several financial resources to jump start your "start-up" business. As a business owner myself, it is extremely challenging funding all the ins and outs of running your business. Supporters like WomensNet understands this phase of getting your start-up business up and running smoothly.

offers grants for women like us. One particular grant that caught my attention is the Amber Grant. Click here to apply for the Amber Grant. There is a deadline for this offer. However, you may check back for new grants posted and reapply.

The Amber Foundation Grants began in 1998, launched in conjunction with the entrepreneurial community for women, WomensNet, to honor the memory of a young woman who died in 1981, at the age of 19.

The purpose of the Amber Grants is to help other women achieve the dreams that Amber could not in her short time with us.

Finding money to start a small business - especially money for women entrepreneur's and start-ups is not easy - so we thought we would try to help a bit!

Our primary focus is assisting women who are trying to start small businesses, home-based or online. The grants are small, usually $500 to $1000, and are intended to be used to upgrade equipment, pay for a web site etc - the small but essential expenses that can often make the difference between getting started or being forever stalled.

No repayment is required or expected, although it is hoped that you will pass on the kindness by mentoring & helping others along the way.

Although the grant program is run as a foundation to the extent that we accept applications and award grants, all grants come from private not government or solicited donations or funds. In fact, to date, all grants have come from my own personal "cookie jar".

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