Saturday, February 14, 2009

NYC Recession Dining

This is a little out of the realm of our normal posts. However, I thought it was important to share something great for all of us to benefit from. As we continue to face a recession, we cannot help to feel "out of pocket" from the normal lifestyle we have grown accustomed to. This New York City Recession Dining guide is very useful so we may continue to enjoy our wining and dining experiences at a cost for less! These New York City Restaurants are offering Prix-Fixe meals, BYO and great weekend brunch specials with all you can drink cocktails! Date night does not have to go belly-up!

Bon Appétit!

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Anonymous said...

I recently had brunch at Jarnac in the west village for brunch (one of the restaurants listed from the guide) and it was perfect! The price was just right for my wallet and the food was great $10 mimosa's or bloody mary's and all you drink thereafter!