Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Strike A Pose... VOGUE!

Ok, so it is not Vogue as in "Strike A Pose" from Madonna's version. However, we have First Lady, Michelle Obama striking her pose on the cover of Vogue Magazine! Close enough. Michelle is hard at work as a mom of two young girls (not even teenagers yet), wife to the President of the United States, President Barack Obama and owning up to her own responsibilities as America's First Lady! I would say Michelle Obama has her hands full and grasps it all with style, grace and elegance.

Helen Julia has been inspired to create a candle for First Lady, Michelle Obama! We will design this candle based on everything she represents; poise, style, beauty, warmth and love. Our "First Lady" candle will launch Fall 2009.

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Leicha said...

That is a really nice picture of the First Lady--finally black men can see that it is okay to let the strength show in their woman.