Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love Letter

As we approach Valentine's Day all we can think about is the word "LOVE"... Flowers, and Chocolates, and Candles, OH MY!

I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, E.J. Jacobs, Editor In Chief of Topcoat Magazine and author of "a few words before I go...". E.J. Jacobs describes his book was written as a forum for all the thoughts that go unsaid and all the emotions that go unnoticed. It is meant to be a place to celebrate what others might criticize, as well as vent the frustrations everyone faces that are both, unavoidable and unfair.

I've taken the liberty to share a chapter of his book (a few words before I go... Copyrighted Material) for Valentine's Day!


"Before you were my ex, you were the first one to kiss me when I had morning breath and remnants of sleep in my eyes. You never disappeared with the night and when you had to leave, I would roll into the warm spot you left behind. You were the first I gave "forever" status to and your eyes reminded me why each time I may have forgotten. No other lover had a way of making me feel as exquisite, even in my most embarrassing moments, and I cherished you wildly because of it.

You had a smile to represent every emotion, which worked as a puppeteer to my heart; I danced like a marionette to your every whim with each grin you beamed. I would do anything to maintain that smile on your alluring face.

Your lips excelled at more than just smiling, for when they met with mine, my soul mistook such divine force for his departure to heaven. The chamber walls of my heart wobbled from the friction. Our lips made the pact and our tongues consummated the agreement. You were an unexpected excitement in my ordinary life and I told myself to never let you go. What voice was powerful enough to convince me otherwise?

The height of our fantasy ride resembled nothing of our tumultuous ending. It is much easier for me to remember the better times, because they are so frequent as the apex and I could never forget them. They do well to disguise the times when everything did not go as smoothly.

You placed me on a throne and I became too used to resting on it while you praised me endlessly. Your love spoiled me, not just from other lovers, but also from you. I presumed you would maintain the level of perfection that originally won me over. The moment I had to seek your attention instead of having it lavished upon me I became frustrated. You came to me as a surrealistic lover, so I placed unrealistic expectations upon you. When you could no longer meet them, I foolishly expelled you from my life.

Now, in a less secure world from which you shielded me, I have had to settle for complacency in my relationships. I've had to look beyond faults I never found in you. The only fault in our love lay within me. My greed separated me from the closest opportunity I'll ever have of reaching true ecstasy."

This book is amazing and worth reading from beginning to end. It will make you cry, laugh and appreciate! Fellas, if you're looking for something to say to your significant other(s), I'd suggest you pickup this book to find the appropriate words to say!

I love you E.J. (in a friendship kind of way) for your continued support and your friendship from afar!

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