Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pinkberry Shortcake

Mmm... Mmm... Good!!! Campbell soup commercials will begin to fade as Pinkberry coupons surface! Springtime is near! YEA!!!

Pinkberry is the place to feel like a kid again with your many toppings to add to your frozen yogurt of choice and youthful theme ambiance.

Once you've had your first Pinkberry yogurt, you will feel like Shirley Temple singing "On the good ship lollipop, it's a sweet trip to a candy shop, where bon-bons play, on the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay..." Pinkberry will bring out the kid in you and you will all of a sudden collect flashback thoughts of Strawberry Shortcake images (the cartoon character and maybe the cake too!) in your head.

Enjoy these coupons while they last... Buy One, Get One! Offer expires on 3/21/09.

Now, I all of a sudden feel inspired to create a Helen Julia sorbet candle collection in pastel colors for spring! You see what Pinkberry can do to your imagination!

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