Monday, November 23, 2009

Feel Good Mondays: Take The Edge Off!

That time of year is officially here! Holiday Season!!! We can all use "something" to take the edge off from the spending frenzy we are pressured into! So, with that said I have to refer and suggest this product that I have recently tried a few days ago... INA CRYSTALS! Ohhh Myyy Goodnesss!!! INA CRYSTALS is a detoxifying white gold crystal bath salt that is equivalent to a 3-day detox program! I kid you not!!!

Empty the entire container into bathtub filled with 6" of water and allow to completely dissolve. Fill your tub with 98 degree water and submerge for 30 minutes. Let me just tell you every woman (and man) should try this! Trust me, you will thank me later! After my first INA CRYSTALS bath I felt like I just had a shot of Tequila without an actual intake of alcohol. I felt GREAT!!! (wink)

Ok, so here comes the $$$.... it's $85 for 35.2 oz! That is a steal! Compare a 3-day detox diet to a bath salt pamper session... You do the math!

I would suggest you do this on a Friday night while you have the weekend to recoup and relax for a few days (or a day/night when you do not have obligations and errands to attend to the next day). Your body will thank you forever!

You can purchase INA CRYSTALS at any Space NK Apothecary store location.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I look forward to hearing about your experience!

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