Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rants 'n Raves

Often times Helen Julia will receive a review on our candles. It is always nice to hear what others think of our products. We welcome all "Rants 'n Raves" in a positive but constructive criticism kind of way. Recently, Helen Julia received our first video review from video bloggers Sue & Dave of Candles Off Main. Candles Off Main has a beautiful candle boutique in Annapolis, Maryland that carry an array of gorgeous candles from other brands, including the Queen of beautiful candles, Laura Slatkin of Slatkin & Co., Nest Candles.

Check out our video review and post your comment on your thoughts!

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, these beauty bloggers have plenty to rant about when it comes to Helen Julia! Hil'Lesha Anderson, blogger for The Beauty Counter, To The Motherhood, House of Bella and Fashion Fling, reviews Helen Julia when she received our Magnolia Bliss Candle scented in Southern Magnolia!

Candice Jackson, Chelsea Beauty Examiner, writes an article about Helen Julia after a long girlie chat interview at an upper west side diner in New York City!

For all things women crave, there is a new HOT guidebook called CRAVE New York City that will launch Spring/Summer 2010. CRAVE Guide is your "go to" for everything you crave in NYC from fashion, restaurants/bakery's, Helen Julia Candles, interior design to much more by women entrepreneurs! Here's a CRAVE CRUSH interview with Helen Julia founder!

We love weddings and everything bridal affiliated! Right along with holiday season, wedding season is our best friend! Janice Celeste of Celeste Film and Video blogged about Helen Julia after receiving a custom branded candle we made for Sonal J. Shah, Event Planner of SJS Events.

Judy Reppart of Style For Free featured Helen Julia for a product giveaway review when she and her editors received Helen Julia Candles during our free shipping and zippo candle lighter promotion!

And, last but not least, the ultimate beauty blogger, Kim Anderson of Fierce Beauty that is also referred to as "Ms. Kim Is Fierce" (while your arm is extended waving your pointer finger and exaggerate "FIERRRRRCE"!), reviews Helen Julia in her own diva and sassy way when she received our Cashmere Cloud Candle scented in Amber, Jasmine and Musk along with our Terrycloth Robe Candle scented in Fresh Laundry.

Thank you all for your great reviews and feedback with your thoughts on Helen Julia New York!

Happy Hump Day!

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