Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty In Pastels

Hello Tuesday! This week we are inspired by pastels to kick-off spring and Easter! With gloomy weather ahead that April showers bring, let's look on the brighter side of all pastel things. OK, that was very Dr. Seuss!

I fell in love with this image. It's glamorous, romantic and fun all at the same time. Helen Julia's "I Do" candle scented in rose bouquet has the same affect. ;)

Fortunately, I didn't bake these cupcakes! But they are SO GOOD to look at without the temptation of wanting one or two (let's be honest)! I'd prefer to admire from a distance! How appropriate are these cupcakes to match the image above. What a nice pastel combination!

Have a great "romantic" day (even if you have to imagine it... it works)!

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