Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mums The Word (Part II)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! The countdown to Mother's Day begins! We're one week away! Remember when we were kids and we had an interest in everything and anything you can think of; hoola hooping, roller skating, ice skating, singing, dancing, modeling and fashion designing! The list goes on and on. "Mum" (as the British would put it) was always there to support our dreams no matter how big or small we made them out to be.

Let's show "Mum" how much we appreciate all the support she's given us through the years. We're never too old to cry on mom shoulders. We know we can count on mom sitting front and center when we're receiving our achievement awards. Helen Julia Candles is a sweet gesture to show mom "I Love You".

Pearl Drop Soy Candle (Grapefruit Citrus Scent)
Perfect for Mother's Day!
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Have a great day!