Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Gettin' HOT In Here!

When the temperature hits 100 degrees in NYC in July, it's time to take off all your clothes as Nelly would put it! The heat is smoldering hot while your body is dripping of sweat, when you've only walked one block and your makeup is pouring down your face! At least you look good when you have fainted from the heatwave!

image courtesy of roberto cavalli

We understand generating more heat is not even thinkable right now, which is why we are having our SUMMER SALE! Take advantage of 25% off when you spend $50 or more online. Use coupon code SUMMER10 to activate your discount. Our Summer Sale ends Friday, July 9th! We want to help you save so you can store when the mood is right to use your Helen Julia Candles. Summer scents like Cotton Candy, Grapefruit Citrus and Spring Florals are just a few fragrances that are fun to have to entertain during summer months (outdoors or indoors).

Happy Hump Day and stay cool! Hey, at least it's a short week thanks to the 4th of July holiday! Hope it was a good one for you!