Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calling All Designers!

I have recently stumbled across amazing websites for up and coming designers like myself. In the world we live in today with so many talented people trying to showcase their products and services, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle with other competitors while trying to become the next big thing!

Seeking Designers is a great resource website for the fabulous to find the fabulous! It's really that simple! You have great designers for home, apparel, accessories, children, etc. You name it they have the designer for it. This is the start of a very successful relationship as you have the "Seekers" that are members of Seeking Designers, looking for "Designers" for an event, a new wholesale account for a boutique, and/or personal use. This is a win-win opportunity for both individuals as Seeking Designers is very selective with who they feature on their website.

If that isn't enough for you there's also a fabulous company called Etsy. This website features designers to sell their products to buyers that are interested in the specified category! If that isn't easy enough, I don't know what is. This is a FREE service to showcase your product to individuals that are specific to what they are looking for. Another match made in heaven! Ok, so you want to know what's the catch, right? No catch! Well, if you consider Etsy only accept handmade products as a catch, sorry to disappoint you.

I'm actually signed up with both websites. You may view my personal profiles with each company to see my showroom. It's really cool and a fabulous idea!

Happy Shopping and Seeking! ;-)

Until next time...

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