Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

(photo courtesy of reddirect.co.uk)

The key phrase is "Think Big" or "Dream Big", whichever is more suitable for you. So here's my wish list for the holidays.

First, lets start with the Hamptons home in Bridgehampton, New York... My Dream Home!

(images courtesy of corcoran.com property photographs of Bridgehampton)

Second, the dream car to park in the garage of my dream home.

(photo courtesy of LandRoverUSA.com)

Third, the handsome husband to share all of this with.
(I know he's already taken. You can't blame a girl for putting it out there. No disrespect, Jada!)

(photo courtesy of topnews.in)

Now this is what I call a wish list! HOWEVER, I'll settle for my great health, loving family and friends, a career to call MY OWN and waking up every single day to have the opportunity to start over and change what I'm not happy with. That's the true gift! Sometimes the best gifts are free and are right in front of us everyday. We're just blinded by prodigious "material" things that appear to be something greater! We are already greater!

... Mind over matter!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the last paragraph. Very true indeed. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Holidays to you.