Saturday, June 6, 2009

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?

Let's keep it clean, people. It's not your Patti Labelle's "Mocca Chocolate Ya Ya" (Lady Marmalade)! I'm referring to Hollywood Glamorous Bedrooms! We can "go to bed" like our favorite stars on the silver screen!

Remember Carrie Bradshaw's remodeled apartment after her heart wrenching wedding episode! Some of us will cut our hair, lose a few pounds and get a pet to distract our heartbreak. I really like Carrie's approach; new home, new me and out with old, in with the new. Her apartment was bright, modern and whimsical to keep your spirits upbeat (at least until the newness of your new home wear off).

(Image courtesy of Point Click Home)

Then we have James Bond, the bachelor’s boudoir from 007’s Quantum Of Solace. Talk about a chick magnet! Pulling the bed off the back wall brings it to center stage. Now, if that doesn't ruffle your feathers ladies, I don't know what will. Well, I do have many other "suggestions" to get us going but I'll leave that for another blog!

(Image courtesy of Point Click Home)

One of my favorite romantic movies The Holiday, Cameron Diaz's character is a big shot movie trailer maker and her Los Angeles house shows just how successful she is. The bedroom is classically designed with a coziness that will make you want to stay cuddled up in bed for more than your 8-hours allotted sleep time.
(Image courtesy of Point Click Home)

While we're on the topic of beautiful decor living spaces that are not necessarily traditionally designed, I love dining room decor that are made to feel like upscale restaurant style seating. Take for instance, these gorgeous decorated dining room spaces, designed by a personal friend of mine, James Niebling of Esteban Interiors Design Firm.

I love the antique chairs and ottoman as the seating choice with a gorgeous modern/antique table. It is so romantic and European style!

(Images courtesy of Esteban Interiors)

You may view more fabulous Interior Designs and Collections from Esteban Interiors. Esteban Interiors brings a new meaning (and purpose) to Vintage Glass as well! Absolutely marvelous!

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