Monday, October 26, 2009

Feel Good Mondays: Friends Til The End!

I am not referring to a Chucky Doll from the movie Child's Play, although Halloween is just a few days away! There's nothing that feels good about a horror flick with creepy characters (who am I kidding). I'm referring to great friends that are by your side through thick and thin.

Friends are your family. The ones you can call on for anything and everything. When you just need an ear to listen to you without any judgment. Someone to be your date on date night when you've been stood up. You can trust them to be completely honest without sugarcoating what you need to hear. They are a great support system and your dream team.

Good friends come and go. Great friends are around for a lifetime. This is dedicated to my great friends who have stuck around through the season, did not need a reason and are still around for a lifetime! Do you know who your great friends are?

Happy Monday!

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