Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Barbie Dress Up

I was so moved and impressed when I saw this article on Black Barbie's Auction by Vogue Italy. How appropriate is this issue for everyone of all ages and ethnicity's, especially during this time of year. On her 50th anniversary, Barbie celebrated Vogue Italia's Black Issue, the acclaimed and innovative edition that impressed the fashion world in July 2008. Society is changing and Barbie is ready to assume her role as a protagonist. Black Barbies are now more popular than ever and are becoming a new kind of icon. The most famous doll in history has always been a silent witness of human life, changing her look and style according to events and trends in the real world. Now Barbie is ready to talk to the world. And she begins her new life with Vogue Italia by celebrating black beauty.

These images are breathtaking as barbie transforms playfully into a visual glamorous lifestyle icon... AMAZING! Vogue Magazine's are notorious for taking fashion above and beyond to the next level!

(images courtesy of Vogue Italia)
I am suddenly inspired to create The Barbie Candle Collection by Helen Julia! ;-) Stay tuned...

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