Sunday, August 31, 2008


I cannot get enough of my dear friends baby hair clips, Sweet Taia! Since there happen to be a new baby in my family I'm obsessed with baby items. Jennifer Pezzolla, Founder and Creator of Sweet Taia hair clips {and loving mother of baby Taia} was inspired to tame her little one's mohawk with something girly and chic, yet modern and simple.

T a i a

These ADORABLE hair clips are so fashionable for little girls yet comfortable as they are handmade by Jennifer with lots of love! Each design is unique and made well for long lasting. If you're into playing "dress up" with your little one(s), you'll fall in love with these hair clips to accessorize as you put that last finishing touch on your princess... Aren't all of our baby girls little princesses!

Here are just a few of Sweet Taia's hair clips to see for yourself how lovely they are for your little ones! With the Fall season right around the corner, Sweet Taia's hair clips have the perfect colors and prints.

Now, there's always something for Mommy as well... When putting your little one to bed for the evening and you finally have some "Me" time, what perfect way to relax is by lighting a Helen Julia Powder Puff Soy Candle (Innocent Powder Scent)!

Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday and we'll see you in the Fall!

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