Friday, April 24, 2009

A Hidden Luxury Treasure

I love the look and feel of trendy boutique hotels. Since I am a creative and fashion forward type of woman, I like my surroundings to emulate my taste and lifestyle. I recently met a sales manager from one of the sister hotels of Thompson Hotels in New York City, Gild Hall Hotel. By reason of Gild Hall Hotel being a sister hotel of Thompson Hotels, I knew it was going to be over the top and fabulous! I have never been to this hotel before. It is located in the Wall Street, financial district area of New York. Gild Hall Hotel is a hidden luxury on a small street like most "accidental" great finds. What I like most about this beautiful boutique hotel is when you initially walk in you do not feel like you're in a hotel. It feels like your luxury home away from home.

In a previous blog post of mine, I talked about rooms that have a manlier feel to them with leather furniture, dark wood floors, etc. The dark appeal can make a room look rich, like old London. Spruce it up with flowers if you need to bring a touch of added elegance and romance. Personally, I love the old dark look when I'm away from home. It's something different and another kind of luxury I'm exposed to.

Gild Hall Hotel rooms remind me of the Wall Street Investment Banker... Straight forward and direct with very expensive taste! You don't get a lot of "hoopla" when you're in this hotel. You get it right away from its first impression!

Usually, when I'm traveling I don't like taking "a bath" per se in a hotel. The bathtubs in a hotel do not feel like my bathtub at home. However, when you have a bathtub like the one at Gild Hall Hotel, a bubble bath is due every night (my dream bathtub)!

Thompson Hotels have become the hip traveler's hotel stomping ground! They are boutique hotels for high-end hospitality!

Look for more posts on high-end hotels as they will become the new home for Helen Julia Candles in the near future... Luxury meets luxury!

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Kristel Guise said...

Thompson Hotels in LA and NYC have these really beautiful architectures! I saw some walk in showers online and I think I'm in love. Been reading good reviews about the hotel, and it's no wonder more and more people are choosing to stay in of their hotels. The bath tub is of course, a great inspiration if you're redecorating your bathroom. Hehe! I wonder if there are manufacturers who produce such tubs.