Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home Spring Home!

I am sure by now you've already begun or completed your spring cleaning for your home. I love home decorating and for every new season I'm ready to try new colors for my home to put me in the current season’s aura. Now that spring has FINALLY arrived, pastels and bright colors come to mind; and yes, even for your home. One of my favorite home magazines, Elle D├ęcor, featured a story based on the home of Washington's 2nd power couple (not the Obama's this time), news-anchor, George Stephanopolus, and actress, Ali Wentworth. They have really put together a nice color palette for their home that can be used all year round, actually. You don't have to be rich to live beautifully!

(Images courtesy of PointClickHome/Elle Decor)

This beautiful living room incorporated pastels in such a beautiful way. The lilac velvet sofa and pink accent pieces with beautiful spring flowers brighten up any room. To come close to something this beautiful without spending your bonus check (yeah right!!!), you can easily find great deals and get the look for less. The Door Store furniture company has beautiful sofas that you can have upholstered to the color and fabric of your choice. Antique chairs are another great furniture piece for your living space if you don't like the "matchy-matchy" sofa collection. EBay is awesome to find great antique furniture and chairs that you can have reupholstered to your liking! You'd be amazed at what you can find without spending a-whole-lotta-cashola!

(Images courtesy of PointClickHome/Elle Decor)

When it comes to your dining furniture it can look as elegant as your living room with the type of chairs, table rug and accents you include on and around your table. I'm a fan of cowhide prints for my home. You don't want to go overboard with the animal prints, especially if you're a woman! Let's keep it dainty, shall we? EBay also has great cowhide rugs for a great price. Again, we're talking about budgeting not showing off European vacation purchases that you really could not afford! If you're looking for a solid color cowhide rug, IKEA has stepped up their game! I kid you not! You cannot tell that it's not the real thing, seriously!

(Image courtesy of PointClickHome/Elle Decor)

Then you have the family room or "the other man's best friend", a place to relax and unwind after a long hard work day. I love the feel and look of a velvet couch. It looks richer to me. Leather furniture is another nice sofa fabric that men seem to be in love with for some reason. To brighten up a room that has a manlier feel to it, beautiful hydrangea flowers always does the trick to give any room a pop of freshness and girly-ness. I love hydrangea's and you don't have to purchase real ones. There are artificial silk hydrangea's that look real and they will last forever in your home. You can change colors per season or keep the same ones all year round.

I hope you enjoyed my input on spring decorating. This should give you some idea on what my home looks like as it is very similar. Happy "inexpensive" shopping!

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