Monday, April 6, 2009

Relax, Relate & Release!

Spa Week is back! Hallelujah! What a long winter this has been! We can finally put cold weather and snow storms behind us (I hope)! Steam room, deep tissue massage and calming music are calling for my undivided attention. We are all under a budget these days and luxuries like relaxing spa treatments are put on the backburner for a later time. Wait no more! Enjoy $50 spa treatments that can fit into your budget during spa week! We all deserve to revive, refresh and renew ourselves. Treat yourself to a day of no worries and the focus of attention is just you!

If you cannot physically get to a spa, you can at least feel the spa treatment of relaxation at home when you burn Helen Julia's Candles. Lighting our candles will dramatically improve your mood... I promise!

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